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Event Details Advanced Spiritual Study Class In Eckankar
Date: 5/26/2011
Time: 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm
Location: Silver Spring Eckankar Center, 1738 Elton Rd, Suite 104 Silver Spring, MD 20903 (View Map)

Description: This class studies the first set of discourses in a series called "The Easy Way" which was written by the spiritual leader of Eckankar. The class meets monthly for a year studying one lesson per month. It provides the opportunity for students to share spiritual experiences and understandings in a supportive, uplifting environment and get answers to the deepest questions about life and one's spiritual destiny. "The Easy Way" discourses have a special spiritual rhythm that gradually unfolds the student's consciousness. Benefits of this advanced spiritual study include: •a deeper personal relationship with God •a study of past lives, dreams and Soul travel •inner and outer guidance from a true spiritual master •getting out of karmic debt and achieving spiritual liberation in this lifetime •miracles in one's everyday life (one of the greatest miracles is a change in attitude) •connection with a spiritual community of people who share a similar desire for truth Along with this first set of discourses comes membership in Eckankar for one year, renewable annually. Follow this link to the Online Eckankar Membership Application: Bring up the new member application and complete the form. Study materials have a $130 requested donation. New members automatically receive "The Easy Way" discourses. You have the option of studying the discourses by yourself or in a classroom situation. After ordering the discourses, if joining the class, notify the Silver Spring Eck Center of your intent by phone and leave your name and phone number. Please come to the "Community HU Sing" starting at 11:00 AM on the day of the first class. It will serve as a good orientation to the advanced study class. New classes will be created as the need arises

For more information contact:
Jerry Miller

Event Posted by: jmiller

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