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Gaithersburg Labor Day Parade
The Gaithersburg High School cheerleaders welcome you to the Gaithersburg Labor Day Parade for 2018. With marching bands, dancers, politicians, superheroes, fire trucks, lots of beautiful people and more!
Rockville Car Show 2017
The Rockville Car Show starring The Hillbilly Gypsies was a big hit on a beautiful day!
Renfrew Civil War Reenactment 2017
The Yellow Rose of Texas a song about returning to a beautiful young lady. Song performed by the 2nd South Carolina String Band. Kent Courtney is also featured along with a supporting cast of hundreds of living history Civil War experts.
Brunswick Veterans Day 2015
The Brunswick Veterans Day ceremony and parade for 2015 was a lot of fun for the entire family!
Holocaust Survivor Henry Greenbaum
BORN: APRIL 1, 1928, STARACHOWICE, POLAND Henry Greenbaum was born Chuna Grynbaum in Starachowice, Poland, on April 1, 1928. His father, Nuchem, ran a tailor shop out of their home while his mother, Gittel, raised the family’s nine children.
Miss Maryland 2015
Some of the beautiful girls at the Miss Maryland 2015 signin ceremony take a few moments to wish all the dads out there happy Fathers Day.
Tree Of Life Church Deliverance Service
Join us for Worship Every Sundays @ 1:00pm and Deliverance service Fridays @7:00pm                       at Tree Of Life Church 7817 Baltimore National Pike , Frederick, MD 21702   For Appointments, please call the church office @ (240) 422-1204 or Email us at    
The Battle of Cedar Creek - 150th
The Battle of Cedar Creek - 150th
Facebook 'Cash Mob' Descends on 'Naughty' Front Royal Donut Shop (Video)
Customers came from three states and the District of Columbia Sep. 14, 2014 to support Naughty Girl Donuts after the high school student-operated Front Royal, Va. bakery was attacked by a small group of religious extremists for their name, inspired by 1950's era pin-up girls and the decadence of their fancy home-made donuts.
Washington County AG Expo and Fair 2014
Washington County AG Expo and Fair 2014
Battle of Funkstown 2014
Battle of Funkstown 2014
Miss Maryland 2014
Miss Maryland 2014 sign-in ceremony at the Valley Mall in Hagerstown, Maryland. The most beautiful and talented girls in the world hale from Maryland and this video proved it.
Sharpsburg Memorial Day 2014
Sharpsburg Memorial Day Parade 2014
Billy Graham Library - Charlotte, NC
Billy Graham Library - Charlotte, NC
Alsatia Mummers Parade 2013
The Alsatia Mummers Parade has been a tradition in Hagerstown, Maryland since 1921. The parade is held each year on the Saturday before Halloween and features floats representing local clubs and organizations, high school marching bands and costumed mummers.
Middletown Heritage Festival 2013
The Middletown Heritage Festival for 2013 was another great family fun event in Frederick County, Maryland, USA!
Gaithersburg Labor Day Parade 2013
Gaithersburg Labor Day Parade 2013
Mormon Service Project - Thurmont, MD
A group of Mormon youth participate in a service project to help an elderly property owner with some heavy yard work.
Carlisle AACA Eastern Spring Meet
Carlisle AACA Eastern Spring Meet 2013
Sharpsburg Memorial Day Parade 2013
Sharpsburg Memorial Day Parade 2013
Frederick Celtic Festival 2013
The 2013 Frederick Celtic Festival was dedicated to honor and benefit our Wounded Warriors.
86th Shenandoah Apple Blossom Festival - 2013
2012 Miss Virginia Rosemary Willis, 2011 American Idol Scotty McReery and A&E's Duck Dynasty stars Jessica & Jep Robertson all helped make the 86th Shenandoah Apple Blossom Festival and parades a tremendous success. thebloom
Alsatia Mummers Parade 2012
Alsatia Mummers Parade 2012 - Hagerstown, Maryland
Baker Park Play Down and Drum Circle
Baker Park Play Down and Drum Circle - Fall 2012
Catoctin Colorfest 2012 with ESP Dance
The Catoctin Colorfest festival in Thurmont, Maryland, USA marks the beginning of Fall and the beautiful colors of fall in the Catoctin Mountains.
Gaithersburg Labor Day Parade 2012
The rain held off and the Gaithersburg Labor Day Parade for 2012 was a lot of fun!
PPF FFF - Family Fundraiser FUNomenon 2012 - Hunter Hayes
Sarah Evans and Hunter Hayes gave their talents toward a great cause at the annual PPF FFF - Family Fundraiser FUNomenon for 2012.
Lucketts Fair 2012
The Lucketts Fair Bluegrass Music Festival for 2012 with The Hillbilly Gypsies. Also featuring Patent Pending Band.
Christian Art for this Generation
C. Nycole offers Christian-based artwork with the young adults in mind. It is contemporary and modern and inspirational. Check it out at
C. Nycole | Christian Art and Business Designs
C. Nycole is a Christian based art business that also does custom work as well as business branding design solutions.
Picnic In the Park with Fabulous Hubcaps
The Fabulous Hubcaps to headline 6th Annual Picnic in the Park hosted by Frederick Church of the Brethren.
Connect to the ECK with Music
It's time to shake off those Winter blues and join us for 3 hours on a Saturday afternoon for fun and a spiritually uplifting program presented by a very talented and inspiring group of ECK musicians and artists.
What if Life Could Be Fun?
Join us for an afternoon of spiritual freedom and harmony at the Silver Spring Eckankar Center, 1738 Elton Rd, Suite 104, Silver Spring, MD 20903 from 1-4 pm. The program is rich in spiritual nuggets for people of all ages, with music, crafts, poetry, a y
Advanced Spiritual Study Class In Eckankar
Beginning September 26, 2010 an Advanced Spiritual Study Class in Eckankar will be held at the Silver Spring Eckankar Center, 1738 Elton Rd, Suite 104 Silver Spring, MD 20903 at 1 PM. The Center phone number is 301-439-2120.
Brazil Day 2009 - Frederick, Maryland
2009 Brazil Day in Frederick, MD
PPF UNOfest 2009
A look at the first annual PPF UNOfest.
PPF - Family Fundraiser FUNomenon 2009 - Photos and Video Clips
A look at the PPF - Family Fundraiser FUNomenon for 2009. See photos and video clips of Jaime Fox and Lee Greenwood plus lots of fun!
Sharpsburg Maryland Memorial Day Parade 2009
The Saturday before Memorial Day the town of Sharpsburg, Maryland puts on a very special parade.
Old Testament Prophesies Fulfilled by Christ
Reprinted from: an e-publication called "The Good News-A Magazine of UnderstandingJesus Christ in Prophecy
What Killed the American Camels?
As a part of my ongoing research in antediluvian geography and plate tectonics, I often pause to consider components of natural history that speak to the former connections between the landmasses. Remembering that, in the days of Eber in the Book of G
Question answered about the
Question Posed: the bible says that god is a spirit does not have flesh and blood and it also says that jesus christ is god so when the rightous go to heaven will god have a body and contradict the bible or will jesus get rid of his immortal body and wh
On Oral Tradition and the reliability of the formation of the Pentateuch
During the course of a Liberal Arts education at a Major University, one finds evident a systematic approach to debunking the Bible. The Agenda is present in many requisite courses: Philosophy, Literature, Politics, English, French, Mass Communications, Z
The Foolishness of Preaching and The Increase of Knowledge
In an age of intelligence, rapid influx of new technology, and information increase, the question begs to be asked: "Why is preaching the Word of God still relevant today, when so many people have instant access to the Bible online?" In t
Will the Closing of Guantamo Bay be a Precursive Event to the Mark?
The major question on everyone's mind lately, is "When President Obama closes Guantanamo Bay, what will happen to the terrorists?" I believe that the answer will unfold in this next year and a half. If you have been following RFID,
The Expurgation of Reason: Manifesting the Doctrines of John Calvin
The persecution of Michael Servetus by John Calvin, one of the leaders of the Reformation, was one of the most unjust and inhuman exercises of religious authority that the world has seen. There were many features in this tragedy of burning at the stake, t
Thomas Jefferson and the Doctrine of the Trinity
Few know that the reason many christians will not consider Thomas Jefferson to be a Christian, but a Deist centers around a history that has largely been obscured. That history reveals Jefferson's insightful dissection of Trinitarian thought and cr
Frederick Tea Party - Frederick, Maryland, USA
Thousands gathered in downtown Frederick to protest big government and high taxes. The movement is also known as Take Back America
Why Religion is Important
Despite vast differences in custom and ritual, all religions teach their adherants the same messages-- one of peace and goodness
Understanding the Kingdom of God
An inquiry into the "Kingdom" of Jesus Christ. Starting with a look at Nebuchadnezzar's Dream in Daniel 2.
Christmas Thoughts: Who was this Jesus?
Old Testament Prophesies Fulfilled in Christ. Reading what was prophesied about Jesus hundreds and even thousands of years prior to His birth, makes his advent truly astounding!
Saved by Grace through Faith!
A full extraction of how this was carried out by the Apostles in the spreading of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. A primer on how to read the Book of Ephesians as related to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Evidence of Continental Drift in the Bible?
Is there evidence that ancient people witnessed continental drift?
Are we like the Bereans?
Have we left reason at the door to follow shepherds who are not anointed for God's work?
To Tithe or Not to Tithe, That is the Question.
Is tithing a proper practice for the New Testament Church
Purity Test: Church or Cult?
Remember those purity tests in grade school that were passed around in notes? The following is a great purity test for how healthy a church is and how biblically it is operating.
The Bias of Perspective
Do you sometimes ever wonder how two people with different hearts can look at the same thing and arrive at two totally divergent conclusions. Some say that our worldview affect creates our bias, and others biases create their worldview. Or that we bring p
Do the Rocks Lie? and What does Gender have to do with it?
Investigating further Darwinist Claims in light of Intelligent Deisign Theory and/or Creationism
End Legalism, Spiritual Abuse in Churches!
A Petition to help hurting people wounded by Spiritual Abuse.
Will Barack Obama usher in the Mahdi? It's all in a name.
President Elect was born Barry Soetoro and later changed his name to Barack Hussein Obama. Since he chose this name, it is interesting to see what the name means.
Lazo Sisters Harmonize at WTHU August 15
The seldom seen and heard Lazo Sisters will be the in-studio music artists for another unplugged concert at WTHU's PGIF.
WTHU 2nd Place AM Station in Region!
Little Christian start-up WTHU 1450am places 2nd for AM in region, even bigger - WTHU placed 11th in the overall market of 29 stations of 189,500 listeners
Fridays WTHU Praises God Its Friday at
Christian station WTHU 1450am ( brings back popular show PGIF and offers live in-studio venue for Christian artists. Jon & Carrie Lewis are first musicians in concert August 9.

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